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Hi! Welcome to the very first community for fans of Velvet Eden. *waves*

Velvet Eden is a Japanese darkwave band originally started in late 1998 by Dada (vocals/lyrics) and Kalm (keyboards/music), focusing on gothic, electronic music. But when Kalm left in 2000, the introduction of new members brought with it quite a drastic change, as they leaned towards a more rock-influenced sound. The lineup of the band also took drastic changes, refreshing itself of all its members except Dada three different times until the band's "break-up" in July of 2002, when Dada supposedly left due to his dislike of the newer rock sound. Meanwhile, the remaining members went on to form "The Velvet," and former member Kalm continues to compose music on the side; you've probably heard the tunes he wrote for Kaya.

Dada did some modeling for the gothic fashion line "Arachnophobia," and continued to focus on his designing skills and artwork, helping such bands as Dir en grey and the now-disbanded Rentrer en Soi.

As of 2010, news has spread that Dada has revived VELEVET EDEN! To see the additional members and hear their new sound, go here. Dada/VE also has an English Facebook account, and a Twitter account featuring both English and Japanese.

For more detailed information, plus lyrics and interviews, check here:
Buried Alive

Admission to the community is immediate, all you have to do is stay on topic and respect others' opinions. Icons, wallpapers, etc. are also welcome, just please use an lj-cut.

Please support maintainers maree_tourne, for originally creating the community, and arisingsymphony, for "refurbishing" it. ^_^

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